Maintenance Services in North Carolina

Arven Services, LLC is currently providing all personnel, equipment, transportation, labor to include, but not limited to, maintenance, tools, parts, materials, lubricants, supplies, facilities/buildings and/or other items and services to perform and maintain the equipment of 11 Dining Facilities (DFACS) in proper operating condition. Arven Services also provides supervision over all services necessary to perform repairs, replacements, modifications, maintenance, installation, and removal of food service equipment (to include; food service support equipment, refrigeration equipment), minor plumbing, and electrical support to ensure proper operation and service, as defined by the US Government in the Performance Work Statement (PWS). Service is performed in North Carolina at Fort Bragg, Simmons Army Airfield, Pope Airfield, and Camp MacKall. The Government requires Arven Services, LLC to perform in accordance with (IAW) the standards of the awarded Eagle Contract Task Order to maintain all equipment in good working condition and operating properly at all times.